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Fonderie Cervati, ever present in the industry. The company is specialized in die casting and mechanical processing of aluminum alloy and in particular Magsimal-59 (AlMg5Si2Mn) - the primary alloy used in structural casting and especially in the automotive sector.
A great know-how and the strength of our productive force in producing exceptional structural works has allowed the company to install partnerships with other great companies such as RHEINFELDEN.

Fonderie Cervati aims on it's own personnel in the belief that elevated technical competence and a team's dynamics allow a company to satisfy any request. They produce starting from the projectual phase and all the way to the finished product, thus offering complete technical support throughout the entire process.
The company continues to grow, proud of it's past and it's know-how which makes it leader in the industry. It looks to the future and continuously invests in technology by improving and increasing machinery and by investing in continuous updated training for the personnel, in order to guarantee a constant quality of service.
On a technological scale, in addition to die-casting stations and ever powerful (ovens o furnaces) , Fonderie Cervati was invested with the Italian Excellence and in The World Award and able to move on to phase two of the great European program Horizon 2020 thanks to an innovative project that will foresee an important improvement within it's own process of production.

Besides this great innovation, Fonderie Cervati does not forget about its home town and for this reason it is developing a project to become more eco sustainable and eco friendly with infrastructures that will have a much lower impact on the environment thus helping to sustain and help young students and their new ideas through scholarships.
We continue to grow and strongly believe in the values of professionalism, quality, technology and know-how as a starting point and a strong point which lies at the base in order to bring service to our clients.

Professional, Technology and know-how are our strong point ... at your service!

Our History

  1. Foundation of the company


    The company started its activity with the production of parts in bronze and brass castings in shell intended to fund construction equipment.

  2. 60's-70's


    • Transfer to the current Headquarter
    • It’s grows the working of bronze and brass
    • Introduction of the of special die-cast aluminum
    • Introduction of machines for the complete machining of its products

  3. '80


    The market growth and resulting innovations in technology in systems and staff able to give more answered to the so many queries and requests with increasing technical and quality contents.

  4. 90's


    • In the die-casting department , with the intent to diversify the range of products, to ensure Greater Reliability of Processes and to offer a more complete technical-commercial service, the company has expanded the fleet through robotic servo assignment finalized to improving the conditions Process.
    • Progressive abandonment of the merger in brass and bronze shell to introduce the most innovative process for the creation of more and bimetal components serving the same sector.

  5. From 2000 to 2013


    • Achieving certification EN ISO 9001 : 2000
    • Among all the alloys available, the company specialized in die casting and the mechanical shaping of light alloys of aluminum in particular Magsimal-59 (AlMg5Si2Mn) (alloy employed for the construction of structural components, in particular for the automotive field ).
    • The high knowledge in the production of structural jets allowed the foundry to establish partnerships with groups like RHEINFELDEN for research and development of new alloys.
    • In these years, the company leaves the production of bimetallic components to to channel resources and efforts to die-casting of aluminum alloys

  6. From 2014 to today


    • It acquires an additional certification as ISO / TS16949: 2009 for automotive and updates the previous certification to ISO 9001: 2008
    • The Company receives awards like ITALIAN EXCELLENCE and EXCELLENCE IN ITALIAN WORLD
    • Increase the range of skill machinery
    • Exceeds the European ban examinations Horizon 2020 with the project # FC21S
    • Starting the projects to reduce environmental impact
    • With the Lyons company share the project with Lifebility Award supporting scholarships

Magsimal Molding

Design and engineering


Mold construction and equipment


Raw materials and melting


Production Steps


Quality Check



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